Mastershield has expanded its very unique metal treatment services for a variety of new applications. The process of impregnating metal with Special Formula was developed in the eighties by the company’s founder, Carl D. Flaker, who developed its use primarily for firearms. Over the years, this process gained great notoriety by reducing the amount of work required to properly clean and maintain firearms. The process, when applied, was also found to dramatically increase the efficiency of the firearm simply by reducing the friction of the projectile traveling through the barrel. This reduction in friction results in increased muzzle velocity and improves the firearm’s accuracy. Flaker, well versed by 30 plus years in the firearms industry, naturally chose his familiarity with guns to conduct the many years of testing of his formula. It was necessary that the formula include a carrier that would not only carry but would also modify microscopic particles allowing them to flow into the porous areas and voids found in all metals. These characteristics were achieved and became known as Mastershield.

These characteristics were achieved and became known as Mastershield.

It was recognized immediately that all metals would benefit from this process, especially when they involve machinery. Moving parts perform better and last longer if friction is reduced, corrosion is inhibited, and particulate contaminants are unable to attach to the porosity in metal surfaces. The Mastershield process is the key to achieving these benefits. After successfully creating a formula that would temporarily suspend, carry, and permit reshaping of the key particles of Teflon:registered:, a force well known to scientists and aerospace manufacturing called “Vacuum” was identified as the only force powerful enough to provide the essentials required to impregnate the Teflon:registered: based formula into metals.

Some of the most important factors and highlights of this process are:
  • It is not a coating and does not change tolerances or the molecular properties of the metal.
  • It is a one time, permanent application that is impervious to solvents and also allows re-machining of the metal.
  • It inhibits the imbedding of rust by locking out moisture.
  • It prevents contaminants from imbedding into the surface pores of metal resulting in increased longevity of the metals service life.

This impregnation process was recently made available to the public and industry. Mastershield is the only company able to provide this Teflon:registered: based impregnating methodology. Expanding the Mastershield process to an unlimited number of metal applications (only limited by some size factors) has created opportunities for customers to acquire that needed edge in performance and longevity for their products. This could be a significant “point of difference” in many very competitive arenas. One of the most recent success stories involving the Mastershield process comes to us from the auto racing world where engine builders are experiencing surprising results from the benefits of friction reduction that is achieved through the use of this process. Reduced friction = less heat and increased horsepower…the results can be very dramatic. Feel The Difference.

Carl Flaker – CEO