Product Description:

Blade Protections
Knives like any steel are porous. Even the best Salingen Steel Blades, under an electron.

Microscope looks like the craters of the moon.

The best culinary Knives used in restaurants cut all sorts of food. When the are cleaned only the surface debris is removed. The pores of the steel are contaminated with  moisture and all sorts of left over micro debris from defferent cuts. This left over micro debris can and has caused disease such as trichinosis and salmonella.

With the Mastershield Process all the pores of the steel are filled with our super hard formula and therefore prevent any debris from entering the steel.

The Mastershield Process also prevents Rust and Corrorsion and reduces Friction. Knives stay sharper longer. It is truly a phenomenal process that should be considered by all good chefs and cooks.

Price: $49.95/set
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