Hot & Cold Mug

Product Description:

Mastershield is a unique process that actually impregnates metal with a patented formula. Under maximum vacuum our formula is forced into the pores of the metal. Moisture is, therefore eliminated from entering the pores. Because the metal is impregnated with our formula, rust carmot occur and germs cannot enter the pores of the metal.

Coffee Mugs like any other steel products are porous. Under an electron micro- scope the pores look like the craters of the moon. With the Mastershield Process all pores of the steel are filled with a super hard formula that seals the pores and prevents any debris or bacteria from entering the steel.
It is truly a phenomental process that should be considered by anyone drinking liquids from a metal cup.

Mastershield now offers the only true safe drinking mug.
The mug is stainless steel and impregnated with our process.

Price: $10.00/mug
To order, please call us at 1 (888) 470-9906